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Flying with Air Asia

During some of our recent trips we have managed to save considerable money by flying with Air Asia as our regional airline within Asia.

Normally try we to fly with the larger full service carriers, but as we had a lot to fit and wanted to maximize our spend we thought on these occasions we would try one of the largest low cost carriers (LLC’s) in Asia. So when booking our recent trip diving in Subic bay, we decided to give them a go. (more…)

Video of a Subic bay dive

For those that can’t make it all the way around the world the Philippines to experience the wonderful Subic bay. Or those that need a little more convincing after our last post on diving in Subic bay. We thought you may enjoy a great video we found on YouTube of a dive here.

What do you think pretty awesome isn’t it?

Honestly this video is not a one off, the diving here is this good on a regular basis.

Orangutan Husbandry Borneo

This has long been on my list of things to do before we die, ever since I first saw the place on a documentary as a child, I have dreamed of coming here. Even before hearing about this place I had desires on getting up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.


Daintree Rain forest Photo’s

We thought it was maybe a good idea since our travel blog is named after the rain forest, that we should at least showcase some images of this amazing place with you.

Located in North Eastern Queensland (that’s in Australia for those that don’t know), the “Daintree Rain Forest” is the largest wooded area in all of Australia. Being the largest of anything in Australia is quite a feat in itself. The whole country is huge and is filled with huge examples of everything, just check out their spiders….actually don’t they’re pretty scary and dangerous.


Fancy a Safari

An Africa safari is no doubt on many peoples bucket list, and no wonder it really is one of the best experiences going. With so many destinations and parts of the world to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Safari’s are not cheap and making sure you get the best out of your money is a big consideration.

Africa is the typical Safari destination and offers the most choice. There are hundreds of companies offering a wide range of itineraries. You can go along the budget end, camping and cooking your own food, or you can go really up market and go for the 5star option.