We thought it was maybe a good idea since our travel blog is named after the rain forest, that we should at least showcase some images of this amazing place with you.

Located in North Eastern Queensland (that’s in Australia for those that don’t know), the “Daintree Rain Forest” is the largest wooded area in all of Australia. Being the largest of anything in Australia is quite a feat in itself. The whole country is huge and is filled with huge examples of everything, just check out their spiders….actually don’t they’re pretty scary and dangerous.

As a protected natural place, the national park has been unspoiled by the hand of man, and remains largely untouched for millions of years. The Eco-System here is truly unique, and one of the most diverse on earth.

There are many many reasons to come and visit the rain forest, the main one being it’s stunning beauty.

See how beautiful it really is

People think the Amazon is a great place for jungles. But the north of Queensland is fantastic, and very few people go there.

They’ve got the Great Barrier Reef when it gets too hot, they have the coral reefs which are great, and there are wonderful birds and extraordinary birds that you have never thought of: amazing things like wonderful bower birds, that are extraordinary.

Sir David Attenborough

Daintree Facts

1 – Oldest continuous rain forest on the planet – over 165 million years old

2 – The Kuku Yalanji indigenous tribe have lived in the forest for thousands of years

3 – Cape Tribulation is a meeting point between two world heritage sights, the Daintree Forest and The Great Barrier reef.

4 – The total area of the forest is a huge 1,200 square kilometres

5 – The most rainfall ever recorded here was a staggering 345inches (875cm) in a single year. I suppose that’s why they call it a rain forest?

Well we hope you agree this is truly a stunning place and well worth visiting, remember the forest preservation and conservation depends on responsible tourism to keep up it’s good work.

If you do ever come to Australia, which we hope you do, there are a million and one things to do, and one should be the forest. then while your up in this part of the country you can also visit the “Great Barrier reef” which is just around the corner.

Thanks guys and enjoy…..