Diving in Subic bay may not be the obvious choice when looking at the Philippines as a dive destination. Most people will probably think of Cebu, Coron Bay or Puerto Galera. But being located only 1hr from Clark international airport and around 3hrs from Manila, Scubic bay is certainly well connected.

Ease of reach is not the only reason we chose this bay for our latest sub aquatic adventure, no as well as massive travel addicts, we are also big fans all thing military. And this is is the big thing Subic is famous for. Diving here gives the opportunity to dive on one of the bays many wrecks, left over from the various wars.

There are numerous dive shops in Subic bay and after careful consideration we chose El Coral Reef Dive Center. A few things attracted us to this shop.

  1. The dive shop has been operating for many years meaning they have great experience of the local waters.
  2. Their price was on par with other scuba centers in the bay
  3. The are located at a decent hotel we chose to stay at
  4. We got a good feeling from them when communicating with them by email

Obviously everyone will have their own criteria for choosing a dive shop, and that is important, but if your are stuck where to start give these guys a shout.

We hired all our Scuba gear from the shop and it was all fairly new and very well maintained.

Dive sites in Subic Bay

As mentioned the main reason we planned this trip in the first place is the multitude of wrecks here, all left over from the war. It’s not very often we get to combine a lot of our passions into one trip.

F-4 Phantom

The one we regret, we never got to experience diving on a real fighter jet used during the war. Unfortunately we are not experienced enough or certified to be able dive this particular site. At a depth of 45 meters you need to be Tec-45 certified before you can experience this.

Oh well guess we have a reason to come back at a later date. We really want to see this at the bottom.

The Patrol Boat

At a depth of around 26 meters, and sitting virtually upright is old Japanese Patrol boat. The vessel is still intact and and a great wreck to dive. Especially for those not that experienced at wreck diving.

We did this on the first full day here, and it was a great first dive.

USS New York

Another easily accessible site is the USS New York. The fact the wreck sits at a depth of 18 meters, and in very calm and clear waters, makes this one of most dived wreck sites in SE Asia.

What makes this wreck so mass appealing is that it appeals to levels of Padi certification, as there is something for all levels. With different depths and accessible spaces the site is suitable for all divers.

As well as marveling at the sunken vessel, there are plenty of fish here as well. A good proportion of the ship has turned to coral reef and is home to a wide array of fish.

Nabasan Reef

One of the more popular reefs for divers, Nabasan is a great spot for a more relaxed dive. The protected waters and great visibility make this a popular spot for beginners and experienced divers.

Starting at a depth of 4 meters and slowly descending to 18 meters, this is a very relaxing but enjoyable dives.

These were the sites we got to dive, well except for the F-4, and we thoroughly enjoyed them all. There are numerous other dive sites here as well. From reefs used for training to the Nikko Maru wreck at a depth of 54 meters.

We can honestly say we wish we had a lot more time to stay here, you could spend a full month diving here and get bored.

What else is there in Subic

Well not very much if we are honest, the bay lends itself to the scuba world and it does this very well. There are a few bars and restaurants i along the main the strip, and sitting out enjoying a beer and a meal and watching the sunset is a great post dive evening.

But when visiting here it really is all about the underwater world and the evenings spent recharging ready for the next days Scuba.

We actually think it works well this, we wouldn’t want a massive party scene taking away from the beauty on offer.