5 Best hotels in Subic bay

To continue with our posts regarding our recent trip diving in Subic Bay in the Philippines, we thought we would run through some of the great resorts in this amazing place.

Located only 1 hour drive from Angeles city and 3 hours from Manila, the resort is a very popular beach hangout for all sorts of visitors. Whether you are a foreigner, local or expat, Subic Bay is in a great location and offers it’s visitors so much.


Flying with Air Asia

During some of our recent trips we have managed to save considerable money by flying with Air Asia as our regional airline within Asia.

Normally try we to fly with the larger full service carriers, but as we had a lot to fit and wanted to maximize our spend we thought on these occasions we would try one of the largest low cost carriers (LLC’s) in Asia. So when booking our recent trip diving in Subic bay, we decided to give them a go. (more…)

Orangutan Husbandry Borneo

This has long been on my list of things to do before we die, ever since I first saw the place on a documentary as a child, I have dreamed of coming here. Even before hearing about this place I had desires on getting up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.


Safari in Bhutan

Who doesn’t crave for a little time away from their chaotic way of life?

Well what about this is sample itinerary for a safari in the wonderful country of Bhutan. In case your wondering Bhutan is a small landlocked country in SE Asia