Daintree video review

Can’t get all the way around the world to visit Australia and the Daintree rain-forest yourself? Don’t worry the magical new world we live in of the internet allows you to experience this magical place form the comfort of your own home.


Check it for yourself, maybe it will inspire you to head here for yourself.

Daintree Rain forest Photo’s

We thought it was maybe a good idea since our travel blog is named after the rain forest, that we should at least showcase some images of this amazing place with you.

Located in North Eastern Queensland (that’s in Australia for those that don’t know), the “Daintree Rain Forest” is the largest wooded area in all of Australia. Being the largest of anything in Australia is quite a feat in itself. The whole country is huge and is filled with huge examples of everything, just check out their spiders….actually don’t they’re pretty scary and dangerous.